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AVIEncoder ActiveX Components 1.1

What is AVIEncoder?Many of you have been asking: Why can`t I...

What is AVIEncoder? Many of you have been asking: Why can`t I capture AVI files, larger than 2GB? I have tons of disk space! How do I set the video format/compression programmatically?

Can I automatically select the video compressor? Why can`t I change the format of the audio track? How do I capture with such-and-such CODEC? How can I convert my AVI files?

Well, all these questions relate to limitations of the Video-for-Windows system. We`vebeen frustrated with these limitations too. That`s why we, at ActiVideo, Inc.

decided toenhance our line of products to offer a solution to all these problems. The result is the AVIEncoder - a combination of OCX control and ActiveX COMcomponent for live and off-line AVI capture and compression with selectable compressionparameters.

AVIEncoder provides means for controlledcapture of OpenDML 1. 02 compliant AVI files (thus breaking the 2GB barrier ofVideo-for-Windows based capture) with selectable audio format and video compression codec,as well as re-compression of existing AVI files into OpenDML 1.

02 compliant AVI files withselectable compression parameters. Why AVIEncoder? You should look at AVIEncoder(together with @ctiVideo) if youneed to: Capture AVI files, larger than the 2GB limitation of Video-for-Windows; Enumerate all supported video compression formats on the system; Select the video capture compression CODEC and the audio capture format; Adjust the video codec parameters (quality, maximum citrate, keyframerate, etc.

); Convert existing AVI files, changing the video compression and/or audio format; Convert existing AVI files into OpenDML AVI files, breaking the 2GB AVI size barrier;.

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AVIEncoder ActiveX Components


AVIEncoder ActiveX Components 1.1

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